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Purchase Tips

MySim is a new online service plan! Customers can click here to buy it online immediately, with a designated credit card (VISA / MasterCard), UnionPay Online Pay(UnionPay Credit Cards/Debit Card^) or Alipay.

It’s easy to purchase online:
1. Purchase MySim mobile service
- fill in e-order form (including address) and settle basic service fees payment online

2. Activate the SIM card* 

- SIM card will be delivered to designated address by mail delivery

- Customers who switch to MySim with an existing number need to visit CMHK shops in person with required materials (including HKID) to complete the procedure and to collect the SIM card at shop

3. Purchase local data package online after account registration and adding value

^ Accepted UnionPay Debit Cards issued by banks in Mainland China for payment settlement. For more information about ‘supported banks of ‘UnionPay Online Payment’, please visit


Activation Method:
Insert the SIM card into the cell phone and turn it on, in a few minutes customer will receive a confirmation SMS, indicating successful service activation. Once activated, $50 basic service fee will be deducted every 30 days automatically. Basic service fee includes unlimited local calls, unlimited local intra-SMS and call management services.

Data Service:
If you are not able to access to data service after activating the SIM card, please ensure the data service setting or data roaming service setting (If you are using data roaming service overseas) has been switched on. And please follow below steps to set up APN.
iPhone : Settings > (iOS6 or below should select <General> first) Cellular > Cellular Data Network > APN : cmhk
Android : Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Select  <CMHK Data>

*Customers please save the card holder originally attached to MySim Sim Card safely for future use

Live Chat
MySim does not store customer personal information to protect their privacy, so to verify customers' identity, please log in MySim account and enquire via Live CHAT.
Account Management
After activating the service, customers can click here and follow the instructions to register an account for account management, such as value-adding, purchasing local data package, managing value-added services, checking balance, etc..
Add value:
login MySim account, click 'Online Payment', choose 'MySim Card Refill', and add value following the instructions
Purchase local data package:  
login MySim account, click 'manage service', choose 'Purchase/change service', and purchase local data package following the instructions
Customers should also ensure the account has sufficient balance for the selected service before every purchase. If value balance is insufficient, please refill the account first. 


Roaming Service
Before leaving HK, customers can login the account to activate roaming service, and to ensure the account has sufficient balance.

Roaming Dialing Methods

1. Direct Dial Roaming

Roaming Countries/ Destinations


Calling Instruction - Outgoing Calls to Hong Kong

Calling Instruction - Outgoing Local Calls

Calling Instruction - Outgoing Calls to Other Countries

Mainland China


+ 852 (Hong Kong phone no.)

Dial the local number directly

+ (country code) (area code) (phone no.)




Far EasTone




2. *130* Roaming

Simply follow the dialing procedures below. Once "Request Accepted" is displayed on your handset screen, you'll receive a call from our system in seconds. Upon receiving the call, you'll then be connected to the phone number you've dialed.

Outgoing Calls to Hong Kong: Press  (Hong Kong phone no.)  (no need to key in Hong Kong country code "852")

Outgoing Local Calls / Calls to Other Countries: Press  (country code) (area code) (phone no.) 


International Call Forward Service & Dialing Method

Activate All International Call Forward:  (country code) (area code) (local phone no.) 

De-activate All International Call Forward: 


Tariff Details:
*If your mobile phone cannot access network automatically while roaming, please refer to user manual, and set the network operator yourself. 
If still can’t make calls after setting network , please reboot your phone and dial again. 
If still fail after several attempts, please select another network operator.


IDD Service:
Dial  or  (Country Code) (Area Code)(Telephone Number)
International SMS:
Enter  or  (Country Code)(Telephone Number)


Wi-Fi Service
1. When you are located at a place with CMHK Wi-Fi Service coverage, you can select "CMCC / CMCC-WEB" as your Wi-Fi network directly on your notebook computer, handset or PDA.
2. If you are using the service for the first time, you need to set up your password as follows:Please press  * 1 2 4 *<6-digit password>#  via handset. 
3. You can connect to the internet by using web browser and follow the instructions accordingly. Select MySim Customers, then enter you mobile number and CMHK 6-digit password to log in and access the internet via Wi-Fi. 
Call Forwarding Service
Call Forwarding Service
To forward calls to a designated phone number, press the following short codes on your handset to activate or deactivate the service:
Activate or deactivate call forwarding:
All Call Forward   
Activate:  (designated number)
Unreachable Call Forward  
Activate:  (designated number)
Busy Call Forward 
Activate:  (designated number)
No Answer Call Forward    
Activate: (designated number)
Remarks: To activate call forward function (except "All Call Forward"), customer should ensure the Prepaid Card has enough balance to receive 6 minutes or more of incoming calls (for roaming, charges will be calculated base on Roaming Service Tariff), otherwise the call forward command will fail.
International Call Forward Service & Dialing Method
Activate All International Call Forward: (Country Code) (Area Code) (Local Phone No.) 
De-activate All International Call Forward: 
Voice & Fax Mailbox
Press the following short codes to subscribe or cancel the service:
  • Subscribe:
  • Cancel:
Mailbox setting:
Diaon your handset to listen to new user guide, then follow the instruction to record your personal greeting and establish a password.
To retrieve voice message:
  • Dial  via your handset; or
  • Dial  via other phones
To receive fax message:
  • De-activate any Call Forwarding functions and switch off your mobile phone.
To print out fax message:
  • Dial  on any fax machine equipped with a receiver.
To update password (Before Apr 14, 2015):
  • Dial  via your handset; or
  • Dial  via other phones
To update password (On or after Apr 14, 2015):
Dial  New 6-digit numerical password  via your handset (For example, if you want to set your password as 456789, please dial)
If customer subscribes to both Call Forwarding and Voice & Fax Mailbox service, all unreceived incoming calls will be diverted to voice mail automatically. Customer can divert incoming calls to any designated number according to his needs.
Call Waiting & Call Hold Service
The Call Waiting feature enables you to answer an incoming call while you are already making a call. With Call Hold you can make a second call, while you hold your existing call.
Enquire service status:
Conference Call Service
This multi-party teleconference feature allows different parties from different points to be connected simultaneously, creating a practical and efficient way of communication.
Enquire service status:
Mobile Data Services
"Mobile Data Service" allows customers to send and receive data files through their handsets. A variety of data-related services can be enjoyed through the use of Mobile Data Service.
Activate & Deactivate "Mobile Data Service"
Press  on a GPRS handset to active MMS service and GPRS service
You'll receive a Chinese and an English confirmation SMS after the services are activated.
Press  on your handset to deactivate.